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If you spend more than 5-10 years as a lawyer, it is very likely that you will pursue the spot of a general counsel, which offers significantly better benefits but also brings more risk and responsibility. Still, like in every job, the start is hard and you could always use some tips and tricks to make things easier. In this article, we will discover a few tips that you might use to make the transition easier to you. Of course, the more you work, the better you will understand everything. But for a start, take a look at this article to know what you need to know and what to pay attention to.

Administering your department

The administration is similar to management in some way, so the first goal is to provide a good administration in your company. This means you should do anything that improves and makes your work faster – from digitizing information to advanced technology use. Use management tools to ensure better operation and work of your department but stick to the old-fashioned methods when needed. Sometimes the technology cannot help!



From the first day of your new job, your first goal is to familiarize yourself with the budget. Find out how your company’s budget is loaded, what expenses you have and how to maintain the proper budget to keep everything in a normal way. Respect the budget constraints and adapt the strategy that works within those to avoid budget affecting. Learn how to prioritize the budget expenses so you could know when it is the time for new things or new workers.

Do not forget about litigations

The worst thing that might happen to you is to forget to answer to the complaint of the current lawsuit that is on. Not only you need to explain that to your CEO, but also to the judge, which can be a bit impossible in some cases. Also, make sure that you communicate with your It department who takes care of all emails and stored data. You might have a significant proof or “weapon” in some of the received emails that might be of great use for your trial case. Be aware of the fact that being right does not always necessarily mean a win. This is something that young GCs are not aware of as they are pushed by the “fame” of their job position.