My latest Obsession


Hero Beach Club

From the immediate beach access to the trendy backyard in the middle of sand dunes, Hero Beach Club is a new relaxing boutique hotel located ...

July 18, 2017


Ajax Donuts Aspen

If you are in Aspen, it is a sin not to stop by Ajax Donuts. I will shamelessly admit that I am a donut connoisseur ...

July 4, 2017


Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream is quite seriously the best ice cream I have ever had! And that is actually a huge statement coming from this ...

May 2, 2017


Raptis Rare Books

Raptis Rare Books is my favorite store on all of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. It is truly one of the most special stores I ...

April 11, 2017


The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

If you find yourself in Dallas Fort Worth, you must stop by The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The stunning architecture will truly take ...

March 7, 2017


The Standard Hotel High Line New York

As you probably know by now, I have been living at The Standard High Line and must say that it is going to be hard ...

February 28, 2017


Le Bristol Hotel Paris

Le Bristol Paris may be my favorite hotel in the world. It is truly a special hotel with the best service (the staff always calls ...