My latest Obsession


Dennis Basso

So many reasons why Dennis Basso is my obsession this week! Does it get any better than having the wedding gown and veil of your ...

December 12, 2017



CoolSnowGlobes offers beautiful contemporary snow globes as decor for the holiday season. I am an avid collector of the brand’s unique snow globes! They are ...

December 5, 2017


Giving Back!

Giving Back! Each year around this time I think about how fortunate I am to have family, friends and basic necessities like food, water and ...

November 28, 2017


S’well Metallic Gold Bottle

The S’well Metallic Gold Bottle is my favorite of all in the S’well collection! It is just so chic. S’well bottles keep drinks cold for ...

November 21, 2017


Michele Sidney Watch

I am so in love with my new Michele Sidney watch. In the day and age of technology, I personally love wearing functional jewelry that ...

November 14, 2017


ABC Home

ABC Home is a must for home decor shopping if you are in New York City. I walked into ABC for the first time as ...

November 7, 2017


Libertine Cigarettes and Roses T-Shirt

I find myself constantly looking for cool t-shirts to wear that are comfy yet casual. Fortunately Libertine Cigarettes and Roses t-shirt solves the problem! There ...

October 31, 2017


ABCv Restaurant

ABCv Restaurant is the new favorite New York hot spot and for good reason. I know I may seem biased because I am a vegetarian, ...