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General counsel is a serious job position that costs a lot of money many companies but also managed to solve some of the tasks that the companies could not accomplish without the help from GC. This job position is one of the most paid among all positions at the moment, so it means that the expert you hire must be a professional who has expertise in many legal fields. And of course, to justify its salary. But how do you know that you need a one? How to hire a general counsel lawyer in your company?

Decide whether you really need it

First of all, make a clear statement about the need for the GC. First of all, you need to know why do you need such a man in your company, as this hiring will cost you a lot. What are the plans of your company? Whether you are going to deal with the serious legal issues, then you know that the GC will be a good investment. If you are not sure about the complex legal subjects, then you might not need this guy. If you do not plan to have international securities or professional management needs, then you might want to skip this position as there is no point in hiring an expert who will perform basic administrative tasks. You can do this with a basic lawyer who is skilled in the desired field of law.

Present the current and future stage of business

Another thing you need to do is to present your current progression and the future progression of your company, as you will understand your needs. Going to the international field means that you must have a specialized lawyer who will work only with the internationally-related issues. Should you plan to expand you company, especially on the other continents, it is very likely you will need someone skilled to be in charge for everything. There is a lot more job than just entering the data and answering the phones to explain to your clients the basic procedures.

Do you need an administrator or a strategic partner?

Are you in need of someone who will develop a business strategy with your or someone to do your administration work? If you need more lawyers to expand your company and develop effective strategies, you will need to hire general counsel sooner or later. Someone has to manage the entire team of lawyers and who else could do it better than the experienced attorney? On the other hand, if you need someone to complete the administrative work, you do not really need a professional lawyer.

Hire the GC!

Once you decide that you do need a chief legal officer, then start looking for a one. Have in mind that you do not a lawyer who is specialized in a single law field but rather someone who will deal with all legal issues and deliver high-quality results. This is a one-time investment, so make it worth it!