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Being at the one job position for years should not limit you to your existing knowledge, especially if you work as general counsel. The general counsel is the legal reputation or law face of a company that takes care of everything and reports to CEO and therefore, it is one of those positions that require constant knowledge update. Also, you must develop more skills and sharpen your management skills to make sure you stay on track with everything within the company. How can you achieve that?

Attend legal seminars

The seminars, like in every job, are a great resource for knowledge extension and developing your skills. These seminars gather legal experts who present the new ideas, law updates and useful tools that might help you in your work. This means that you should attend every legal seminar that is near you to collect more knowledge and experience. This not only makes you a better legal expert but also increases your salary and renders you as a competent general counsel who can discuss any legal topic that your company might have to deal with.

Look for stress management

This job will involve a lot of stress and it is a fact. When you accumulate stress, you “break” easily and this can be a huge backfire. It may happen that, due to the accumulated stress, you get irritated easily by your client, just because he is not from the legal field and does not possess enough knowledge to understand something. If you are under stress, you will start yelling. This not only makes you as an unprofessional legal expert but gets your company into the risk of losing a client. Therefore, attending stress management sessions is an effective solution that will save you from a lot of troubles.

Make your work heard

If you had managed to get more money than your CEO requested from a lawsuit, you did great work! But do not underestimate your achievements but rather make it heard! Let your co-workers know what you managed to accomplish. This renders you as a competent and sharp-eyed legal expert who will do anything to achieve the best results.

Do not neglect the family

Do not let the job affects your family time and relationships! This can happen easily as you get carried away by the huge amount of work that you need to do. If you are not a good lawyer and do not have family time, it is very likely that you will not be a good person/attorney as well!