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The general counsels are the highest-level legal workers who take a huge burden on their arms while working for a legal company. They make sure that everything works well, that a company performs within the regulation of the law and that all legal issues are solved. However, there are facts that you probably did not know about general counsel. We have decided to share some of the facts that will shed some light onto this position and maybe extend your present knowledge about this legal role.

They are executives

Until some 20 years ago, the GC was simple legal expert who usually performed administrative tasks that lawyers did not have time for. Over time things have changed and they are not executives. They are executive vice presidents who report to the CEOs who run the companies. At the same time, they are those who protect the legal reputation of a company. Also, they handle and coordinate all the law projects within the company.

Head to California if you want to work as GC

Believe it or not, California is the best place for general counsels! More than 13% of the whole GC population in the US comes from this state. Bay Area and Silicon Valley are the two most popular destinations, as there are a lot of companies’ headquarters like PayPal, Wells Fargo, eBay and many other. On top of that, CA is expanding every day and there will be an even higher demand for this position as new corporations must have an experienced attorney who will manage all the projects and ensure that every legal issue is resolved.

Women are more present than men in GC role

While some say that women are not as good as men in office jobs, the results show something else. More than 31% of the whole GC workers are women. Although there is no word about discrimination or anything similar, some reports have shown that women are much more successful in this job than men.

Men are paid more than women

While women are more present in this job, the information point out that men earn more money at this position. Women earn about $320,000 annually, while men earn up to $450,000 every year! Still, there are some rumors that speculate about increasing the pay for this job for women. However, no report or announcement would confirm this.

Management is the essential skill

Do not try get into this job if you do not have management skills! You must be sharp to organize everything so if you are not, avoid this job! It will only give you more stress!