Millennial Pink Weekend

August 21, 2018 / Montauk, New York

Millennial Pink Weekend

It is hard to beat a weekend out East with friends, but especially hard to beat when all of you are coming together to support two incredible causes and team up to be a force for change.

I am incredibly proud to be a millennial because I believe we are the generation that has more of a focus on social impact than any other generation before us.

This weekend 30 influencers teamed up to bring together over 200 people in Montauk to support the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood. It almost felt like summer camp, but with a goal to spread awareness and raise money for these incredible causes. My two close friends, Toby and Larry Milstein were the incredible hosts of the weekend.

The weekend started with a beautiful beach dinner with the 30 influencers which was sponsored by Whispering Angel. The night included a lobster bake, dancing and ended with s’mores. It was one of the best evenings I have ever had! On Saturday, we kicked off the day with a workout class in Bridgehampton at The Class by Taryn Toomey. This was an intense, yet meditative class that was followed by a smoothie lunch.

Saturday night was the big event, the Millennial Pink Party, which was at Montauk Beach House this year. The event sold out in hours for the 200 guests who attended. Timo Weiland DJed and guests enjoyed dancing, socializing and even some late night bites from Jars by Dani. It was truly a magical evening – even the sky turned pink! And the cherry on top of a perfect night was that over $30k was raised!

On Sunday, we enjoyed a brunch at Rushmeyers to wrap up the weekend. The Palm rosé was served and a variety of brunch options were available. I opted for the french toast of course! The entire brunch we were laughing about memories created earlier in the weekend. Is there anything more wonderful than having a great time with friends while coming together to support a great cause? It was truly a weekend that will not be forgotten by all who attended!

Thank you again to Toby and Larry for all you both do to make this world a better place!


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