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About Us

The website has been launched in 2010 and since then has managed to group more than 50,000 worldwide customers who need legal help, advice or counseling.

Our Mission

We offer our clients legal advising and free online consultation. At the same time, our trusted professionals can help you with adopting the new legal models that are used for the delivery of legal services.

Our Offer

All the professionals are experienced legal moguls who offer the expertise and help on all topics and subjects, regardless of your problem. Therefore, you can count on the professional help within the legal industry!

What Is General Counsel

A definition of general counsel says that it is the main-in-charge lawyer who runs an individual legal department in the Government agency or in a company. The person is in charge for reporting to CEO, as well all design, marketing, sales, distribution and credit subjects within the company. This position is one of the most paid job positions at the moment.



Corporate business attorney

Vlad is 45-years old attorney with more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of corporate business. He is the main guy when it comes to starting new ventures and companies.


General attorney

Donald is a versatile attorney who has been working for various legal companies for more than 35 years. He is a contract-law-professional who is in charge for all upcoming requests and issues.



Personal injury attorney

Marc works as a personal injury attorney who has been into this business since 1985. Since then, he had worked on many cases and was an attorney for some famous persons who suffered injuries.

Recent Posts

How to become a better general counsel?

How to become a better general counsel?

Being at the one job position for years should not limit you to your existing knowledge, especially if you work as general counsel. The general counsel is the legal reputation or law face of a company that takes care of everything and reports to CEO and therefore, it...

Why do companies hire a general counsel?

Why do companies hire a general counsel?

Big corporations always deal with huge and demanding legal issues that are the subject of experienced lawyers. Still, having many lawyers for different fields of the legal department is often expensive and not management-effective. Therefore, the companies like to...

Cool Facts About General Counsel You Did Not Know

Cool Facts About General Counsel You Did Not Know

The general counsels are the highest-level legal workers who take a huge burden on their arms while working for a legal company. They make sure that everything works well, that a company performs within the regulation of the law and that all legal issues are solved....

How To Become A General Counsel?

How To Become A General Counsel?

Unlike lawyers who are responsible workers, a general counsel is an even more responsible attorney’s job position that is not easily achieved. Besides a lot of knowledge and experience that you must possess, the job of general counsel requires you to be versatile as...